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Shanghai Project Banana Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Project Banana Co., Ltd. was founded by Sicong Wang on June 18, 2015 in Shanghai, China. The business scope includes e-sports (events, online platform operations, media, etc.), entertainment marketing (celebrity endorsements, advertising and mobile internet marketing, etc.), sports, film and television, and music. The company is developing into a diversified, internationalized and pan-entertainment cultural platform.

Subordinate enterprises:
l  Shanghai Project Banana Esports Co., Ltd.
l  Shanghai Banana Project Performance Broker Co., Ltd.
l  Beijing Project Banana Sports Co. Ltd.
l  Shanghai Project Banana Filming Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Project Banana Esports Co., Ltd.
The company's main business includes event production, program production, live streaming, artist brokerage, etc. It has organized super e-sports events including LPL (League of Legends Pro League), Demacia Cup, National Shootout Legends Tournament in Shanghai, as well as its own tournament brand "BEST" (Banana E-sports Super League) Royal War Invitational tournaments, Overwatch Invitational tournaments and other super e-sports events. At the same time, it produces multiple gaming PGC programs, gathering popular elements such as gaming, KOL, entertainment, events, etc., and is committed to creating the highest quality and most abundant games and pan-entertainment content to build the world's leading e-sports ecology.

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