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Taking the first step in California, Alchemy Esports(AE) is promoting E-sports culture and radiating the charm of E-sports to the entire United States.


AE is establishing an intercollegiate E-sports lifestyle. The very first step comes to the establishment of university E-sports varsities and the E-sports League. Through the promotion of E-sports culture and the organization of scheduled tournament, the League is gaining resources and reputation from universities, industry-leading corporations and the society.

Robots with Guns

At the same time, together with Our Global Partnership, AE has settled the Alchemist Esports Academy(AEA). AEA cooperates with colleges and universities to build up E-sports varsities, to bring in E-sports related majors, to customize E-sports programs for different campuses, and to develop exchange programs and summer/winter camps. Regardless of genders, ages, races, and other factors, E-sports is a platform of equality where we concentrate on training and competition. E-sports is a welcoming and powerful stage for all talents and their schools to shine. AE want to lead the rising trend of E-sports with you and make E-sports the mainstream of American culture.

With universities' support, Alchemy is creating an E-sports Industrial Chain that involves students, varsities, campus, contests, tournaments, related companies, communities, etc. To integrate E-sports-related resources, Alchemy learns from the professional Chinese, American, and Korean E-sports teams. Alchemy provides only mature resources to campuses, making the full use of market resources.

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