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According to Newzoo's 2018 report, sponsorship revenue accounted for 38% of the total revenue of the e-sports industry in 2017. Brands from other industries have actively involved in sponsoring e-sports tournament, such as Wanglaoji Herbal Tea's sponsorship to WESG and Mercedes-Benz's sponsorship to the League of Legends S7 finals, which received significant results. The sponsorship methods of the brands differ in many aspects.

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 (Newzoo 2016 Global Esports Market Report)


According to retail industry in the United States, if a company earns $ 10 from each of the Chinese oversea students in the US market and $ 100 from each of their family, it can go public in 2 years.

UnionPay International's 2017 "Consumption Report of Chinese Overseas Students" shows that the annual consumption of Chinese students abroad is at least RMB 380 billion!

Chinese students spend an average of US $ 300 per month on non-essential consumer goods.

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In 2020, the business of Esports is expected to surpass $1.85 billion in global revenue from advertising, sponsorship, media rights and competitive tournaments, creating global career opportunities for talented professionals that are passionate about gaming. Analysts report that in the first six months of 2019, the number of paid jobs in esports increased more than 185.74% from the first six months of 2018.

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The Alchemist Esports Academy (AEA) enables students who have a passion for gaming to turn it into a viable career.

Offered through partner Colleges and Universities with supplementary  coursework, the introductory course, Esports 101 (Alpha), provides a historical perspective on gaming and E-sports, as well as an in-depth view of the community, and business ecosystem including publishers, teams and other stakeholders in the industry.

Additional courses are designed for individuals aspiring to begin their career or expand their knowledge in the culture of gaming and business of E-sports. From game design to content production, community management and marketing, students will learn about league and team organizational structures and how the business operates through industry internships, executive mentor-ships and hands-on experiences.

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