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MLBB X AES Campus Tournament

With the development of esports culture, it has evolved into a nationwide phenomenon, and esports competitions are no longer exclusive to professional players. Today, MLBB, in collaboration with Alchemy Esports, is bringing esports to campuses!


In January of next year, we will host an esports league covering approximately 20 universities on the East and West coasts of the United States. Representatives from each university will be divided into two regions: East Coast and West Coast. The competition format will primarily be online, and the champions from the East and West Coast regions will be invited to participate in our offline grand finals. The total cash prize pool will exceed $6,000 USD.


Estimated Schedule:

East Coast Region:

December 18th — Registration Opens

January 8th — Registration Deadline

January 13th — Group Stage

January 14th — Knockout Stage, Regional Finals

West Coast Region:

December 18th — Registration Opens

January 15th — Registration Deadline

January 20th — Group Stage

January 21st — Knockout Stage, Regional Finals


More details about the competition will be revealed soon. Stay tuned for updates!


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