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MLBB X AES Campus Tournament 2024

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Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC)
Pennsylvania State University (PSU)
University of New Brunswick (UNB)
Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC)
Suny Oswego (SO)
Montgomery College (MC)
Texas A&M University (TAMU)
George Mason University (GMU)

Jan 13, 2024 Tournament Schedule:
Match 1: 5:00pm EST
NVCC vs PSU - Referee: Yuwei
UNB vs GMU - Referee: Emely
BMCC vs TAMU - Referee: Eunice
SO vs MC - Referee: Yizhen (ForeverGosu)
Match 2: 5:30pm EST
UNB vs BMCC - Referee: Yuwei
NVCC vs TAMU - Referee: Emely
GMU vs MC - Referee: Eunice
PSU vs SO - Referee: Yizhen (ForeverGosu)
Match 3: 6:00pm EST
MC vs PSU - Referee: Yuwei
TAMU vs GMU - Referee: Emely
BMCC vs NVCC - Referee: Eunice
SO vs UNB - Referee: Yizhen (ForeverGosu)
Match 4: 6:30pm EST
MC vs NVCC - Referee: Yuwei
GMU vs BMCC - Referee: Emely
PSU vs UNB - Referee: Eunice
TAMU vs SO - Referee: Yizhen (ForeverGosu)
Match 5: 7:00pm EST
NVCC vs UNB - Referee: Yuwei
BMCC vs PSU - Referee: Emely
SO vs GMU - Referee: Eunice
MC vs TAMU - Referee: Yizhen (ForeverGosu)
Match 6: 7:30pm EST
BMCC vs SU - Referee: Yuwei
NVCC vs GMU - Referee: Emely
PSU vs TAMU - Referee: Eunice
UNB vs MC - Referee: Yizhen (ForeverGosu)
Match 7: 8:00pm EST
TAMU vs UNB - Referee: Yuwei
GMU vs PSU - Referee: Emely
NVCC vs SO - Referee: Eunice
MC vs BMCC - Referee: Yizhen (ForeverGosu)

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