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       Thanks for participating in the Esports Goodie Bag Treasure Hunt! We have selected one hundred random applicants who fill in the form for the Esports Goodie Bag and have used the to draw the winner for the free Virtual Acoustic CAVE GH41 Pro(worth $269). Because of the viruses, we  estimate Esports Goodie Bag to be delivered to your address around the early August. The Esports Goodie Bag will be delivered to your address around the late August or early September. (The name lists of the Esports Goodie Bag winners and the headphone winner are shown below)All Esports Goodie Bag winners can also get $100 off discount code for purchasing the same model headphone. Virtual Acoustic CAVE GH41 Pro Online Purchasing:

       Keep an eye on us to see more future e-sports events details and giveaways,

       WeChat: Alchemy Esports, Inc.

      If you find your Esports Goodie Bag damaged, message us through our social media;

If you have any questions about our company or anything else, be free to email us on, or leave us a message on

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The Chosen Ritual -

The Chosen One of Final Prize:VA GH51 Pro



Wenjie Wang 

100 Alchemists are allowed to unseal the UNCHARTED TREASURE BOX

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