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 Alchemy Esports decides to start a FREE e-sports goodie bag promotion. The e-sports goodie bag is called "Uncharted Treasure". It contains NutriVsta Pink Coconut Water, Miniso Mouse Pad, Alchemy Magnets, a $100 discount code for Virtual Acoustic GH51 Pro Headphones, or chances to win it

  There are 100 FREE "Uncharted Treasure" in total and it's your time to get one for FREE. Follow our different social media to see how to get qualified! 

  The entry period starts at midnight, 7/4/2020 and ends at midnight, 7/11/2020. Good luck everyone! We can’t wait to share our e-sports goodie bag with you.   

 (The e-sports goodie bag giveaway is only valid for fans in the Contiguous U.S. )

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The annual science fiction E-sports theme carnival, every year a theme plot invites you to enter.  The immersive high-tech experience, the intense and exciting theme plot, and the multiplayer game against you are all in a fantasy adventure.  Must not be missed.

截屏2020-06-07 下午7.20.16.png

This is an E-sports carnival dedicated to girls.  Pink, dreamy, romantic, cute.  Passion, struggle, pride, excitement.  Not only are there girls' E-sports competitions, every girl in this carnival can find her own unique label.

Want to play with sports stars?  Want to learn basketball skills from idols?  A passionate carnival with more than five thousand people.  Passion, bravery, blood, sprint, competition.  Spread your sweat, find your dreams, and win huge prizes.

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